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Lobby days are returning this session!


peaking one-on-one with lawmakers on pro-education, pro-union issues is a crucial part of advocating for our members. NYSUT is optimistic about the return to in-person lobbying this year. As we prepare for the legislative session, below are a few frequently asked questions:

Save the Date

Why should we lobby?

Lobbying allows members to speak directly to those in the halls of power about what our students, colleagues and workplaces need. And it works. We have protected tenure rights, guaranteed automatic cost-of-living pension increases for public sector retirees and secured more state funding for schools and public colleges. We need members from different jobs representing all corners of the state to come together to fight for the resources that will support our schools as the center of our communities.

What is Committee of 100?

Committee of 100 is the union’s statewide, grassroots network of member volunteers who add local political impact to NYSUT’s lobbying efforts. Members fighting for issues affecting their lives, schools and public colleges is a proud tradition dating back to the mid-1970s, when a group of 100 local leaders came to Albany to fight for pension legislation. The group now numbers more than 600.

How does lobbying improve my life and my workplace?

Without effective lobbying, we would not have many of the workplace protections we hold dear. But we must continue to fight to improve our working and living conditions. NYSUT is advancing issues brought forward by our Safe Schools For All Task Force to make schools safer for students and educators. See Page 3 for more on our legislative agenda.