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Plan the upcoming year and beyond with help from MB

NYSUT Member Benefits

new year is upon us and with it comes the opportunity to take inventory of your life, including your financial, physical and mental well-being. Your NYSUT membership offers you exclusive access to dozens of endorsed programs and services that can help with creating a solid plan for you and your loved ones.

Get started by visiting (and bookmarking) the NYSUT Member Benefits website at memberbenefits.nysut.org. There you will find numerous resources and offerings available to you as a NYSUT member, including substantial savings available with our Member Benefits Discounts & Deals program.

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Members can save up to 50 percent at more than 850,000 locations with this program, such as restaurant dine-in or take-out, groceries and food delivery, hotels and flights, vehicle rentals, theme parks, sporting events, vehicle maintenance and much more. It’s easy to create an MB Deals account with your seven-digit NYSUT ID number, a username, and password; from there, explore thousands of deals right at your fingertips.

Member Benefits endorses several other programs that can offer savings on new and used vehicles, appliances and furniture, school and office supplies, heating oil and propane, medical alert services, and hearing aid devices.

If your plans for the near future include purchasing a home, you will need to have enough money for a down payment on your investment. Synchrony Bank offers several options to help grow your savings over time, including high-yield savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit.

Once your finances are in order and you have saved enough for a down payment, you will need to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Mid-Island Mortgage has been assisting union members with mortgages for over 60 years, and NYSUT members can save up to $2,700 in lender fees and closing costs with their UnionDirect Mortgage Discount Program.

You can save both time and money on the home-buying process by enrolling in our Legal Service Plan and/or Financial Counseling Program. With the legal plan, you gain access to a national network of attorneys at a reduced cost; two free hour-long consultations; and a legal security package containing a simple will, health care proxy, living will and power of attorney. In addition, our financial program provides access to certified financial planners and registered investment advisors who can offer unbiased financial counseling services.

Protecting your home against fire, flood, accidents or theft should also be a top priority. NYSUT members receive special group discounts on personal property and liability coverage through Farmers GroupSelect, a trusted name in the insurance industry.

If you have experienced a recent change in your life, such as getting married, welcoming a new baby, or adopting a child, it’s also important to examine whether your life insurance needs may have changed. Member Benefits endorses a variety of plans that provide important financial protection to your loved ones if something were to happen to you.

When it comes to your mental well-being, the new Peer Support Line is available to provide answers, resources and empathetic support when you need it. Created through a partnership between NYSUT Social Services, Member Benefits and Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, this confidential helpline is staffed by trained in-service and retired individuals who understand the unique challenges of NYSUT members.

Visit memberbenefits.nysut.org or call 800-626-8101 to learn more about the endorsed programs and services available to you as a NYSUT member and begin creating your plan of action today.

For information about contractual endorsement arrangements with providers of endorsed programs, please contact NYSUT Member Benefits.