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NYSTRS vs. TRSNYC — What’s the difference?

Q :

I’m a New York City public school teacher and a United Federation of Teachers member. Should I contact one of the teacher-members listed below if I have questions about my pension?

A :

No, you shouldn’t. UFT members, meaning educators who work in the New York City public school system, should contact the Teachers Retirement System of the City of New York with questions about retirement, disability and death benefits. The TRSNYC system is a separate entity from NYSTRS and includes more than 200,000 in-service members, retirees and beneficiaries.

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Q :

Thanks for clearing up the confusion. How would I get more information about my benefits through TRSNYC?

A :

The UFT provides a wealth of pension information on their webpage at UFT.org/your-benefits/pension. It also publishes a regular column in the UFT’s member publication New York Teacher, called “Secure Your Future,” and offers speakers for districtwide pension meetings or faculty conferences, and a full slate of workshops and pension clinics at UFT offices. UFT members are advised to reach out to their local borough office to schedule a preliminary consultation if they’re planning to retire, make a career change or resign. During this private consultation UFTers will receive an estimate of their retirement allowance and answers to any questions about retirement benefits. To schedule a UFT borough office consultation, call 212-331-6311. The three teacher-members for the Teachers Retirement System of the City of New York are Tom Brown, TBrown@UFT.org; David Kazansky, DKazansky@UFT.org; and Victoria Lee, VLee@UFT.org.

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Did you know?

Paul Farfaglia, RC 7, was recently elected to the NYSTRS Board of Trustees by the state Board of Regents. Farfaglia served for a decade as a NYSUT TRS teacher-member before retiring in 2019.