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Celebrate (just some of) our legislative victories!

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YSUT activists and staffers fought hard this year for legislation to improve members’ working conditions and students’ learning conditions. We were successful on several fronts. Attention now shifts to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office to encourage her to sign bills into law.

Foundation Aid

The enacted state budget funds school aid at $34 billion and includes a $2.6 billion Foundation Aid increase.

“The full funding of Foundation Aid represents a historic moment for New York and our public schools,” said NYSUT President Melinda Person. “The state is at last keeping a promise that has been broken for far too long.”

This investment means that students will finally get more of the tools and resources they need to thrive in the classroom. This was decades in the making and something we’ve been pushing hard for through our Fund Our Future campaign.

What this means for members: More classroom resources for educators and students. Hiring of needed staff. Updates to supplies and materials. The list could go on and will vary from district to district.

Workplace Violence Protection

The Legislature finally passed a bill to include public schools in the state’s Workplace Violence Protection Act. This is an important step forward to protect teachers and School-Related Professionals.

What this means for members: Schools would be required to complete a risk assessment to evaluate workplace violence and develop and implement programs to prevent and minimize it. Staff would be able to request an inspection by the Department of Labor if dangerous environments remain unaddressed.

Due Process

The Legislature approved a change requiring an independent officer to oversee disciplinary hearings for school staff and other public employees. Current law lets the body bringing charges against the employee run the hearings, ultimately affecting the disciplinary action that follows.

What this means for members: This bill would give both the employer and the employee equal opportunities to present their respective cases. It would also ensure that the employee is not suspended without pay while any charges are pending.

Grow Your Own

A new law would require SED to develop guidelines for Grow Your Own initiatives, aimed at attracting underrepresented candidates to teaching. Representation in schools matters and NYSUT is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, encouraging students of color to consider a career in education and supporting educators of color through professional development.

What this means for members: SED will work with districts and higher education institutions to develop strategies for recruitment such as creating an early pipeline in secondary school, establishing partnerships with community-based organizations and identifying funding sources.

Captive Audience Meetings

The bill would ban mandatory anti-union meetings in the workplace.

What this means for members: The bill would prevent employers from requiring workers to attend meetings in which the company expresses its religious or political views, including the choice of whether to join a labor organization.

We fought hard for these union victories, but our work is not done. For more info on our ongoing legislative agenda, visit nysut.org/legislation.