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Getting to know … Alicia Schreibman

Alicia Schreibman headshot in front of a school bus
Alicia Schreibman is a school bus driver and president of the Wappingers Federation of Workers. She was interviewed by Kim McEvoy, NYSUT SRP At-Large Director and treasurer of the Rondout Valley Federation of Teachers & School-Related Professionals.
Tell me about your job. Why do you love what you do?

I am a 12-month, full-time bus driver, recently receiving my 25-year pin. This is the perfect job for me. In the beginning it allowed me flexibility, with having young children in school, and good pay and benefits. A little later on I was able to attend college in my off time between bus runs. I eventually decided this would be my lifelong career and moved up to full-time driving.

I am a driver at heart. I enjoy all the challenges I encounter while navigating my big bus up and around these mountains in every kind of weather in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Sometimes it really takes talent! I don’t even mind the traffic that I end up in multiple times a day. It is quite a confidence boost when parents feel at ease because they know that I am the bus driver who is transporting their children. It’s hard to find that type of pride in a job well done in most other industries. The kids are amazing.

How did you get involved in the union?

My mother was a school bus driver in the Wappingers Federation of Workers long before I was, so even before I was a union member, I carried a picket sign and handed out informational packets when they went without a contract. I learned early on the importance of being part of a union. Once I became a union member I would try to help as much as possible, mailing out postcards to every person I knew or my family, making sure they knew to vote no on the Constitutional Convention! I asked people to sign again in order to maintain our union when that awful Janus decision ruling was passed. Back in 2020, I was elected union secretary; in 2022, I was elected vice president of grievance and then appointed senior VP. This past March I was appointed union president when our president stepped down due to illness. I was elected president in November 2023. Being able to attend SRP conferences and workshops that NYSUT offers allows me to use what I learn to better help my members and to continue to keep our union strong. I thrive on union activity and try to make the most out of any cause that I can assist with — now it’s FIX TIER 6!

How do you make a difference?

I believe I make a difference by being a professional at my job, whether I am driving or in my role as president. I am transparent and extremely reachable. I stick my hand out to new members every chance I get. I encourage member involvement daily and one of my goals is to fill every committee with lots of help. Maintaining our hard-fought rights under our contract is, I believe, the most important part of my job. Also, safety, safety — SAFETY.

We should all be allowed to have pride and dignity in our work, regardless of our job title, and no one should ever be able to take that away from us. I could not possibly be any prouder than I am of every member of the WFW.

What about your community engagement; any hobbies?

In my free time, I continue to advocate the importance of mental health, overdose awareness and harm reduction. I am also the proud mother of three adult children and I have four amazing grandchildren. I love to read, go camping and have a good cup of coffee. I enjoy attending and helping with my family’s various sports and hobbies such as racing, baseball, soccer, horses, softball and dirt bikes. Also DIY home improvements and helping those in need. SRPs — we do it all.