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Payroll & pension deduction

Save up to 20 percent, make budgeting easier
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YSUT Member Benefits realizes the importance of making every dollar count and has employed the strength of a membership of nearly 700,000 to negotiate additional savings opportunities with many of our endorsed providers. As a result, NYSUT members can save up to 20 percent when purchasing our endorsed programs through payroll or pension deduction.

With payroll or pension deduction, you can enjoy the following:

  • No more worrying about forgetting premium due dates or dealing with the inconvenience of writing and mailing out checks.
  • Easier on your budget as annual premiums are divided into smaller payments and deducted from your paycheck or monthly pension benefit.
  • Reduced fees and elimination of service fees for many programs.
  • Benefit the environment by eliminating the printing and mailing of paper invoices.

Payroll or pension deduction is currently available for the following Member Benefits programs: Auto Insurance; Catastrophe Major Medical Insurance; Dental & Vision Plans (pension deduction only for vision plan); Disability Insurance (payroll deduction only); Financial Counseling Program; Home, Renter’s & Boat Insurance; Legal Service Plan; MetLife Long-Term Care Insurance; Personal Excess Liability Insurance; Purchasing Power (payroll deduction only); Term Life & Level Term Life Insurance; Universal Life with Convalescent Care; and WrapPlan® II Universal Life Insurance.

Find out if you’re eligible for payroll or pension deduction

Approximately 88 percent of NYSUT members have payroll or pension deduction available to them. If your local association has arranged for payroll deduction with its employer, you are eligible to use this payment option.

Pension deduction is available to retirees collecting a monthly pension benefit from the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System, New York City Teachers’ Retirement System, New York State and Local Employees’ Retirement System, or New York City Board of Education Retirement System. It is also an option for retirees receiving a monthly lifetime annuity from TIAA.

Important Note: You must have an active NYSUT membership as an in-service or retiree member to participate in payroll or pension deduction of NYSUT Member Benefits-endorsed programs.

How to start the process for a new benefit program

  1. Select either payroll or pension deduction at the time of enrollment for any of our eligible programs.
  2. Fill out the appropriate authorization form and return it with your enrollment.
  3. Please do NOT send any payment. Member Benefits will be notified of the change and advise your employer’s business office or retirement system to begin your deductions.

How to change your payment method

You are eligible to utilize payroll or pension deduction if (1) either of these payment options are available to you; (2) you already participate in any of the endorsed programs mentioned above; and (3) you are currently using an alternate payment method.
NYSUT Member Benefits
When you receive your premium renewal notice, mail it along with a signed payroll or pension deduction authorization form (included with your renewal notice) to the address indicated. If it is not included, please contact Member Benefits to request the appropriate form.

You can learn more about payroll or pension deduction of Member Benefits-endorsed programs by visiting memberbenefits.nysut.org or calling 800-626-8101.

For information about contractual endorsement arrangements with providers of endorsed programs, please contact NYSUT Member Benefits.