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In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week starting May 6, NYSUT is highlighting stories we’ve gathered from people around the state sharing how educators have encouraged, guided and cared for them in ways big and small. We’ve amassed an impressive collection of videos and handwritten notes from students, parents, elected officials, celebrities, community members and NYSUT members as part of our Educator Inspired campaign.

“We know how hard educators work every day to not only teach children, but to help them feel safe, accepted and confident in themselves,” said NYSUT President Melinda Person. “Whether it’s helping a student achieve a ‘lightbulb’ moment in a subject they’ve struggled with, supporting them during difficult times in their personal lives, encouraging them to pursue pathways they didn’t believe were possible, or just making learning fun — our members are doing it all.”

During this Teacher Appreciation Week, take time to make sure the teachers in your life feel the love. And check out the impactful stories of gratitude shared at educator-inspired.org.

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headshot of a young elementary school aged girl with her brown hair pulled back into a ponytail

“My favorite teacher is my art teacher. She helps me draw pictures that I never knew how to draw before.”

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“He changed the direction of my life. (He) made college a desired goal and outcome in a community where going to college wasn’t even a forethought.”
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“It’s not hyperbolic; I really think that she saved my life. I don’t know without Mrs. Cohen where I would have ended up.”
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“Mrs. Carlos Ann Butler from Peekskill High School showed us that we can be anything we wanted to be. She’s a big influence on me becoming the first Chief Diversity Officer for the State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.”
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“Bill Webster, he was my 10th grade biology teacher. He inspired me to the extent that I became a … teacher for almost 28 years. It was that teaching … that led me to become a New York state Senator and advocate for public education.”