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Retirees must maintain NYSUT membership


or those NYSUT members who have recently retired or plan to do so in the near future, it’s important to take some proactive steps to make the transition from in-service work to retirement an easier process. If you are currently enrolled in NYSUT Member Benefits-endorsed programs and would like to continue participation, you must maintain your NYSUT membership as a retiree.

This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

1. Continue membership within your local if retiree membership is offered. Contact your local to find out if any retiree membership requirements are in place. You must comply with these retiree membership requirements to continue your membership in NYSUT and our national affiliates, the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association.

2. Continue as an at-large member of NYSUT through the Retiree Council in your region. Contact your local to ensure you will be reported as retired to NYSUT. This will provide you with membership in the Retiree Council in your region along with NYSUT, AFT, and NEA.

You must maintain your NYSUT membership to participate in any NEA Member Benefits programs. To be eligible to vote and participate in NEA governance activities, you will need to make a one-time payment of $300 for a lifetime membership. Please contact NYSUT Membership Support Services at 800-342-9810 or membership@nysut.org to make your one-time payment.

For questions about establishing retiree membership, you may reach out to the following membership departments:

  • United Federation of Teachers members: 212-598-6855
  • United University Professions members: 800-342-4206
  • Professional Staff Congress/CUNY members: 212-354-1252
  • All other NYSUT members: 800-342-9810

If you have questions about maintaining NYSUT membership or would like further information about NYSUT retiree programs, contact the NYSUT retiree services consultant serving your region. You can also find this information at nysut.cc/rsc.

NYSUT Member Benefits
Transitioning from payroll to pension deduction
Moving from payroll deduction of Member Benefits-endorsed programs to pension deduction is NOT immediate nor automatic. Following the steps below should help to ensure a smooth process.

1. Contact Member Benefits at 800-626-8101 when you have your definite retirement date. Member Benefits will then communicate that information to each plan administrator of programs you participate in.

2. Call each plan administrator of programs you participate in to verify your mailing address so you can be billed at home once payroll deductions stop. Member Benefits can provide you with the contact information for plan administrators if needed.

3. If you do not receive a bill for each program you had on payroll deduction, contact the applicable program administrator to verify a bill was mailed to your correct address. All discounts provided through payroll deduction will continue for up to one year with direct billing; pension deduction offers the same discounts as payroll deduction.

4. Make sure to pay each bill you receive. You must be on home billing for at least one billing cycle so that your pension system has time to put your permanent monthly pension benefit in place. Even though you may be receiving a monthly pension benefit, this does not mean your permanent benefit has been finalized. Deductions can only be taken from the permanent benefit; this can take up to six months.

Note: You must be receiving your permanent monthly pension benefit from the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System, Teachers’ Retirement System of the City of New York, New York State and Local Retirement System, or New York City Board of Education Retirement System, or receive income from a monthly lifetime annuity from TIAA to be eligible for pension deduction of Member Benefits-endorsed programs.

5. When you receive the bill for the next premium, it should include a Pension Deduction Authorization Form. Complete and sign the form and send it back with the bill to the plan administrator in lieu of payment. If you do not receive a Pension Deduction Authorization Form with your second bill, contact Member Benefits for one to be sent to you.

Upon receipt of your Pension Deduction Authorization Form, the plan administrator will transmit the details to Member Benefits regarding pension deduction of your program(s). Member Benefits will then submit this information to your pension system to start the deductions with your next monthly benefit. This process must be done for each program you participate in. Contact Member Benefits if you have any questions along the way and allow time for each of the steps above to be completed.

If you have any questions about continuing Member Benefits-endorsed programs or the pension deduction process, visit memberbenefits.nysut.org or call 800-626-8101.

For information about contractual endorsement arrangements with providers of endorsed programs, please contact NYSUT Member Benefits.