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Protect your family, save money with Member Benefits


YSUT Member Benefits provides an update at the beginning of each academic year about how the department operates, including its endorsement process and the many endorsed benefits available to NYSUT members.

NYSUT created the Member Benefits Trust as a separately funded trust 40 years ago in order to leverage the unified buying power of its membership and offer competitive benefit programs to members and their families. The Member Benefits Corporation and Catastrophe Major Medical Insurance Trust were subsequently created in 2008 and 2015, respectively, to add to the department’s breadth of offerings.

Each of these entities is overseen by a board of appointed trustees/directors who help to ensure these benefits meet the evolving needs of NYSUT members. The Member Benefits department is under the leadership of NYSUT Secretary-Treasurer J. Philippe Abraham, chairperson of the Member Benefits Trust, and is directed by Ginger LaChapelle.

What are the benefits of being a NYSUT member?

Your NYSUT membership provides you with valuable benefits such as contract protection, higher salaries than non-union employees and better access to affordable health care. In addition, your membership offers access to dozens of endorsed benefits that can help protect your family and save you money.

Member Benefits endorses competitive insurance, legal, and financial programs — along with real savings opportunities to help members with everyday purchases. Many of these programs include value-added benefits and can be purchased through payroll or pension deduction for greater convenience and savings.

The group buying power of nearly 700,000 members generates impressive savings for the NYSUT membership. However, members can save up to 20 percent more (along with the elimination of service fees) by participating in either payroll or pension deduction where available. Using these payment options can assist with budgeting as premiums are divided into smaller payments deducted from your paycheck or monthly pension benefit.

Members who participate in Member Benefits-endorsed programs also receive the added protection of having a trusted advocate on their side. Member Benefits staff take great pride in stepping in to support members with any questions, concerns or issues that may arise.

Does Member Benefits offer any free benefits to members?

While there is a cost to participate in many of our voluntary programs, we are pleased to offer the following benefits to members free of charge: premium Calm subscription (in-service members only), the Peer Support Line, YourCare360, Student Loan & Credit Counseling, a Financial Learning Center provided by Kiplinger, a $25,000 New Member Life Insurance Policy, a $5,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Benefit, and Travel Assistance Services.

The Peer Support Line — staffed by trained in-service and retired individuals who understand the unique professional and personal challenges of NYSUT members — is a confidential helpline that can provide answers, resources and empathetic support when you need it. Visit memberbenefits.nysut.org/free-member-benefits to learn more.

How can Member Benefits help members save money?

Through the MB Discounts & Deals program, members can save up to 50 percent at more than 850,000 merchants — including 21,200 New York state deals. Register your account today at mbdeals.enjoymydeals.com with your seven-digit NYSUT ID number, a preferred email address, and a password.

You are then eligible to save on restaurant dine-in or take-out, groceries and food delivery, meal subscription services, flowers and gift baskets, Bose products, clothing and shoes, oil changes and vehicle maintenance, sporting events, hotels and flights, car rentals, theme parks and museums, movie tickets, ski tickets and much more. You can also request to have your favorite merchant join the network to save money while supporting local businesses.

Member Benefits endorses several other benefits that can offer savings on international and domestic tours, new and used vehicles, appliances and furniture, school and office supplies, heating oil and propane, medical alert systems, hearing care products and online defensive driving.

Are NYSUT member dues dollars used to fund Member Benefits?

Member dues dollars are never used in conjunction with Member Benefits. Instead, the department receives funds to cover expenses from negotiated endorsement arrangements with many of its endorsed program providers (including, in some cases, a percentage of premium paid).

Member Benefits revenue is used, where appropriate, to enhance benefit programs, maintain competitive rates, and allow for the development of new offerings for the NYSUT membership. These funds are also used to defray the costs of operating Member Benefits, including staff compensation, rent, office expenses, and the cost of retaining consultants, auditors and attorneys to advise the trustees, directors and staff.

NYSUT Member Benefits logo with motto "Working to Benefit You"

How can members learn more about what is available to them?

NYSUT members can learn about all that is available to them by visiting memberbenefits.nysut.org or calling 800-626-8101. Members are also encouraged to join the MAP Alert email service to learn about new endorsed programs, changes to existing programs and special prize drawings. The MAP Alert sign-up box can be found on the Member Benefits homepage.

Although some NYSUT Member Benefits-endorsed programs may provide legal or financial advice, Member Benefits itself does not offer investment, legal or tax advice. Participants should consult their own investment, legal, financial and tax advisors to assist them with an evaluation of these voluntary benefit programs.

For information about contractual endorsement arrangements with providers of endorsed programs, please contact NYSUT Member Benefits.