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My first months as president of NYSUT have been a whirlwind of energy. The officers and I have attended scores of conferences and regional meetings, and visited more than 50 schools and worksites across the state.

headshot of Melinda Person

Melinda Person, NYSUT President

headshot of Melinda Person

Melinda Person, NYSUT President

With each conversation, we are learning new ways to achieve our primary goals: Supporting schools where students and educators can thrive; ensuring our members’ professions are enticing and sustainable career choices; and building the strength of our union. (Read all about our vision in detail on page 16.)

We are bolstered by a national movement that has taken hold across the country this summer and shows no signs of slowing down. From the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes to the UPS Teamsters contract wins, the nation is watching organizing become a strategy for hope. And they are cheering us on.

It’s already underway at NYSUT. This year we have won political fights to foster learning environments that both students and educators deserve, including passage of state legislation to qualify thousands of additional students for free lunches and to prevent violence against school staff.

We’re pushing to make the profession attractive and sustainable by launching a dynamic campaign to fix the Tier 6 pension system.

We are countering conspirators and anti-union bad actors who are attempting to use educators as scapegoats and undermine our entire public education system.

There has never been a better time to grow NYSUT, not just in size but in strength. As we create more effective systems to mobilize our influence, we can make educators’ voices among the first to be heard, from Albany to Washington.

Alongside our labor family across the country, we are proving that workers united can take on the toughest fights — and come out on top.

Together we will lift up our professions, together we will put education champions in the halls of power, and together we will show that public schools are the solution to our nation’s divides. I am proud to do this work with you.

In solidarity and with love,


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